Composite Capabilties

Texstars has a long, proven track record of successfully supporting numerous commercial and defense aircraft programs for a variety of domestic and international customers.

Civil and Military Aircraft Transparencies: Texstars is a world leader in the production of transparencies for military and commercial aircraft. Our windshields, windscreens, canopies and other windows have flown on countless aircraft since the 1960's. Texstars' ability to laminate, form and assembly high optical transparent products has consistently ranked us among the world leaders in global production.

Coating Systems: Texstars has developed an extensive array of proprietary coating systems designed to meet multiple customers requirements. These products have been cultivated through years of research and development and have been tested in various field applications. Examples include scratch/abrasion resistant, weather resistant, transparent metallic, and signature management coatings. In addition to off the shelf coating products, we are able to work directly with our customers to develop a solution for your specialized needs.

F-16 Transparencies & Dry Seals: Texstars raised the technology level of the transparency with the wraparound canopy, originally designed and built for the F-16. The F-16 cannopy remains one of Texstars' premier products today. The F-16 canopy has set the industry standard for product excellence and has contributed to both Texstars' superior reputation in the world-wide F-16 community and the F-16's dominant position in the fighter aircraft market.

Transparent Armor: Texstars has been a world leader in laminating transparent materials for aerospace and ballistic protection applications since the 1960's. This core competency allows us to produce light-weight transparent armor with high-optical quality with available performance characteristics such as laser absorption, electrically-heated de-ice/de-fog, EMI shielding, abrasion resistance, and de-fog that requires no power.

Stretched Acrylic: Texstars produces and sells Tex-Stretch stretched acrylic flat sheet per MIL-PRF-25690 for use in the manufacture of high-quality transparencies for aircraft and rail vehicles.

Current aircraft platforms include:

  • F-16 Canopies
  • F-15 Windshields & Canopies
  • E-2C and E-2D Windows
  • B-1B Windshields
  • A-10 Quarter Panels
  • F-5 / T-38 Windshields
  • F-4 Windshield
  • EA-6B Windows
  • AH-1 W/Z Windows


Other Transparency types include:

  • Wing Tip Lenses
  • Navigation Light Lenses
  • Landing Light Lenses